Friday, June 19, 2015

Organize my garage!

We are going to fly off the door radar here and talk about the garage! Spring is a wonderful time to get your garage in ORDER! Follow these steps and when you are all done you may even want to consider a new door!

Garage Organization
We are always talking doors, doors, doors… How about we mix it up and talk about the garage itself! Today we are going to tackle CLEARING OUT THE CLUTTER!!!


1. CHECK AND LOOK AT WHAT IS IN YOUR GARAGE.  Perhaps you need to make a list of what you have so you can logically inventory what needs to be there and what does not have to be there. Decide what really needs to stay in the garage and what needs to be stored some other place.

2. GROUPING. Now pick thing that go together and put them in groups and categories. Lawn equipment and yard tools, automotive parts and tools, sporting goods and equipment, children’s toys should be kept together, and so on.

3. LOOK AT YOUR SPACE. Starting with the biggest items and narrowing them down, access the available space. Now is a good time to look up at the ceiling and look at the walls. If you put a work bench or shelving in one corner or on one wall would that clarify the space?  Would it provide easier access to more frequently utilized items?

4. REMOVE EVERYTHING.  Take everything out of the garage and place it where it will be secure and dry. Remember this could take several days or week-ends to complete the project.  Decide what you want to throw away or store elsewhere.  Now take those items and put them in their proper place. Time to clean! Now sweep out the garage, dust and grab a garden hose if necessary. Now put your vehicles and any extremely large items back. This may be a riding mover, chest type freezer or large air compressor. This way you will see exactly what space is remaining.

5. STORAGE SOLUTIONS TIME. Now you can add a tool caddy, shelving, work bench or storage bins. Anything that makes your life easier! whatever you have decided will meet your needs.  Remember you have to accommodate all of the stuff you have sitting stored.

6. PUT IT ALL BACK!  It is going to go back a lot easier. You will have a renewed energy in looking at your clean and newly organized garage.

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