Friday, August 7, 2015

Sectional vs. Roll Up Door

“What is the difference between a section overhead door and a roll-up door?”

Sectional doors contain panels or “slabs” that are moving up and into the building. Track options let you decide how the door track system will be incorporated into your building. The doors can go up and straight back into the building (traditional), can go straight up the inside wall if your building is tall enough or can even follow the roof pitch. Sectional doors are easy and low maintenance. They come in several options of steel gauge thickness, insulated or non-insulated, with or without windows, and have several color options.
Roll-up doors, also referred to as coiling doors or canister doors are popular for storage units, warehouses, hangars and automotive structures. They roll up into a canister in the building and are very durable.  Roll up doors can be insulated or non-insulated and come in a variety of colors. Window options are not available roll up doors.

Both sectional and roll up doors can be purchased with optional electric openers and remotes!

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