Friday, May 29, 2015

Garage Door Safety!

June is Garage Door Safety Month!

It is time to perform safety inspections on your overhead garage doors.

Here are a few things that homeowners should check. Remember a professional should inspect and make any repairs! A yearly visit from the garage door repair technician will keep your door running safely and smoothly.

  • Check that the door opens and closes smoothly. If not, the springs may need to be adjusted.  
  • If your garage door springs are not correctly gauged, they may be too tightly wound and can cause damage or injury if they wear out and break.
  •  Make sure you do not have any loose brackets on your door. Brackets are under tension and they can cause injury if they loosen or are removed.

  •  Closely inspect cables, look for wearing or fraying.
  •  Check the opener’s automatic reverse. To test the garage door opener, put a roll of paper towels under the door. Lower the door, it should reverse when it hits the paper towels.  If it does not reverse have it checked!     
  • Always install control opener switches at least 5 feet above the floor so small children cannot reach them.

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